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My name is Jeff Licence and I am writing to you about a new ABC Open project called Open Drum. I thought you would be interested in our current topic which is about Good Men.

Open Drum is an ABC Open project that runs in partnership with ABC News The Drum program. Every fortnight we do a call out for a topic issue that is in the news and ask for people to share their personal experience on the topic as well as their views on what needs to change.

Our current topic call out is: Tell us about a good man in your life - past or present - and the impact he's had on you. 

What qualities, actions or behaviours make a good man? It could be a gent you’ve admired from afar or your father, brother, uncle or son. Perhaps your good man is a friend, a mentor or significant elder in your community or business. How did you learn what a good man was? What impact do these good men make on the broader culture, particularly for young people and children? How can good men contribute positively to issues affecting women?

In 300 – 700 words, tell us a story about how a good man has affected your life, and by example, impacted on the world around them.

I was hoping you might be able to share this call out with your community and networks. The deadline for stories is Mon 9 Nov.

Here's a link to the project and some examples that have already been published:

If you require any more information please let me know.

Warm regards, 

Jeff Licence 07 55265 217
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