Heal Walk 2014

Like so many people in Australia and across the world I have been appalled, saddened and somewhat angry to learn of the unfolding sexual abuse of children at the hands of church clergy and other individuals/institutions. Many a night I have silently wept for the pain of those affected along with the families and loved ones who are often left to cope after the devastation.
Maybe I'm over sensitive but I also think about those families and individuals affected by road trauma, suicide, the loss of a baby, relationship breakdown, substance abuse, family violence etc.....  Individuals and families who are quietly and decently trying to pick the pieces of their lives up after a traumatic life changing experience.
Heal Walk 2014 is the inaugural event for anyone from all aspects of life to come together and share the healing power of the ocean along the beautiful beach at Queenscliff. It may be a show of support, a way of reconnecting or maybe feel a little less isolated in the world.
Heal Walk 2014 will take place on Sunday 5th October and will leave from the "Bull Ring" car park at the top end of Hesse St. Queenscliff (that's the car park facing the Rip).  The walk starts at 2 pm and will end at Citizens Park (near the pier) approximately 30 minutes later.  There is no cost to participate and people with disabilities can join the walk from the top end of Citizens Park (near the black lighthouse) 
You may even like to bring some afternoon tea to enjoy in the park afterwards?
Please help spread the word for this event to as many people as you can.  
Heal Walk 2014 is a positive, life affirming event.
For further information please contact David Beaumont on 0419-123246 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We look forward to seeing you!
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